May 5-7,2019
Beijing National Convention Center
Days before

May 5-7,2019

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Welcome to visit the 6th China International Senior Services Expo , please obey the following rules:

Visitors shall go through ticket pre-check, security check and ticket verification in an orderly fashion before entering the Expo Site. Those who refuse to cooperate may be denied entry by the Organizer.  

Expo Site when accompanied by adults. Those under the influence of alcohol and the persons suffering from mental disorders are not allowed to enter.  

1.No smoking;
2.Keep silence;
3.Keep clean;
4.No photos;
5.Please consult the guide if you want to know the detail of the exhibit ;
6.Tidy dress be accept only

7.Last entry 30minutes before closing

8. Please protect environmental sanitation in the scenic area. Don’t spit, and urinate, defecate anywhere.

9.Visitors are required to behave in accordance with the relevant information published by the Organizer and follow instructions of the staff.  

10.vending or performing without permission

11.vending or performing without permission conducting any other activities that may upset or cause bodily injury or financial loss to other visitors, or disturb the public order and security within the Expo Site.  

The Organizer reserves the right to interpret and amend these Terms and Conditions.