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Changsha Community-Based Home Care Service Should Provide Services according to the Standard
时间:2017-12-04 17:08:42

Changsha Civil Affairs Bureau published Changsha Community-Based Home Care Service Standard (pilot ), in which made specific standards related to senior services include oral cleanliness, toenails cutting, accompany them to walk outside, save critically ill urgently. 

It is reported that Community-Based Home Care Service in the Standard apply to the city’s community daily care center for elderly, home-based senior service center, meals supporting center for elderly and nursing homes provide community-based home senior outreach services.  

Meals supporting center is a common business of community-based home care service. According to the Standard, meal cooking and purchased food must meet regulation, chief, waiter should own health certificate, wearing mask when working, sterilizing cookware periodically. As to the diet, it should be made and archived a week earlier based on eating habit of the elderly and also with reasonable collocation. The sample of each meal should be reserved in the refrigerator for 48 hours and record in the sample machine account. 

The Standard also gave clear regulations about medical services provided by related nursing homes. As to assist medical service, staff from nursing homes should assist guardians and accompany the elderly to hospitals to see the doctor or take medicine, and give feedback to their family members and guardians about the details in the hospital in time. The staff should also assist the elderly who are unable to care for themselves to take medicine according to medical compliance, during the process the staff should pay attention to the category of medicine, accurate measurement, time and ways of taking medicine.

The Standard also pointed that the staff in nursing homes should also pay attention to the spiritual consolation of the elderly, talking with them based on their needs, and understand their psychology changes in time, give proper interventions to radical individual issues. To those who have educational consultation need, the nursing homes can launch senior class, lecture and other forms to meet their needs. At the same time, the nursing homes should provide psychology, biological and nutritious consultation, and given by doctors, psychologists and nutritionists with professional certificate and practical experience.