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Senior Service Expo featuring intelligent senior service
时间:2016-05-04 18:57:11

May4, 2016         Wednesday     Beijing Youth Daily

Reportfrom our correspondent(JournalistLin Zheng) The 5th ChinaInternational Senior Services Expo, which attracted more than 200 governmentdepartments, senior service institutions and brand enterprises in the field of10 countries and regions such as USA, Japan and Canada attend the exhibition,opened in China National Convention Center in Beijing inyesterday morning.

Journalist fromBeijing Youth Daily observed on site that, in addition to traditional seniorservice products such as geracomium and rehabilitative appliance, intelligenthardware, mobile phone app and cloud platform integrated with internet +intelligent senior service products are taken as featured highlights. Takingsmart watch for the elderly as example, it can not only position the elder, butalso measure heart rate and daily exercise conditions through built-in sensingequipment; in case of abnormal heart rate, the family members can receivedanger signal in time, and the elderly can press one-key calling button for 3sto access the hospital for urgent calling.

The journalist ofBeijing Youth Daily notes that, compared with previous period, various smartsenior service equipment displayed in this Expo is dazzled, and in addition towristwatch, there are PAD, smart microbots, special clothes with sensingequipment and other equipment. In respect of costs, some collect equipment feesof RMB 2,000 to 4,000 and some provide free equipment to the elderly andcollect RMB 1 per day in subsequent using.

In addition tosenior service institution, the Expo also sets talents training exhibitionarea. The journalist of Beijing Youth Daily sees that, in the field, HangzhouNormal University, Shanxi Medical University Fenyang School, Beijing VocationalCollege ofLabourand Social Security and other domestic colleges set exhibitionstand. The development of health management subject of our school is better,especially in respect of senior service nursing training;it is in a leadingposition in Zhejiang. Junlei Jing, the teacher of Medical School of HangzhouNormal University, tells the journalist of Beijing Youth Daily that, theuniversity has first domestic health management school, also is the firstinstitution obtained cultivation health management doctor trainingqualification in China, and hopes to share experience of cultivation andtraining of senior service talent with more social institutions in this Expo.

Meanwhile, foreigncolleges and universities also begin to involve in China senior serviceindustry. USC Davis School of Gerontology will cooperate with TsinghuaUniversity to hold two-period training class in the latter half of the year,and the training contents including elderly epidemiology, psychology of aging,social gerontology, health assessment, nursing management of the elderly andother knowledge.